Have you ever encountered a bully? It is the worst feeling when you’re singled out or outnumbered by someone who only wants to make you feel miserable. Embarrassment, self-consciousness, second-guessing yourself; we have… Continue reading

Set Your Sights High

“Set your sights high, the higher the better. Expect the most wonderful things to happen, not in the future but right now. Realize that nothing is too good. Allow absolutely nothing to hamper… Continue reading

Longer Lashes

One feature that I wish I was blessed with are long eyelashes. Luckily, there are many different products out there to aid in eye lash growth. I have tried many, but only found… Continue reading

The Hunger Games

If you haven’t heard of The Hunger Games by now, it is part of a highly popularized book series by author Suzanne Collins and has been on the New York Times Best Sellers… Continue reading

Wishing You A …

Happy Easter & Happy Passover

The Simplest Way to Lose Weight

Drink water! Drinking more water is by far the easiest way to lose a few pounds. I practice the 8×8 rule, which is to drink eight, 8-ounce glasses of water each day. I… Continue reading

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