My name is Lindsay and I am a firm believer in self-empowerment; I try my best to eat healthy, exercise regularly and keep an optimistic attitude. I am fascinated by distinct, unique cultures and religions, which is one of the reasons why I enjoy learning about history so much and have a long list of places I hope to one day travel to. I am a lover of all things beautiful and believe that as long as you stay true to yourself, only good things will follow.

Fede Belle was created because I needed an outlet where I could share my life experiences, offer product reviews, and establish a place where I can inspire individuals to feel confident, be healthy and embrace being beautiful. Having gone through many ups and downs myself, I give honest advice and can relate to the need of support and encouragement. Growing up, websites occasionally served as somewhat of an escape for me. So please do not hesitate to comment; I appreciate feedback! :-)

I am often asked about how I came up with the name for my website. I chose Fede Belle, because Belle means “beautiful” in French and Fede means “faith” in Italian. Faith has always played an important role in my life, by instilling a strong belief in myself and by allowing me to see that everything happens for a reason.

Stay Healthy, Remain Positive, Be Beautiful