The Force Awakens


I loved the new Star Wars movie (yes, I am a geek and proud)! Usually when there is so much hype around one movie and some of the spoilers leak, I’m disappointed; but not with the Force Awakens. I was always a fan of Star Wars growing up and I think J.J. Abrams did a fantastic job of bringing it back. I love how strong-willed the female lead Rey is and how most of the cast is back. But the scene stealers for me were BB-8 and R2-D2. I did not, however, particularly like the character of Kylo Ren. He reminded me of Marilyn Manson – tall, lanky and Goth – who acted like a bratty, rebellious teenager. I guess no one can live up to Darth Vader, but they could have made him a little bit of a bad ass, don’t you think?

Overall, I am very pleased with the story-line and have my own theories about the new characters. Already anxious for the next movie of the sequel trilogy!