What’s In My Bag?


Peanut Butter Crackers: I always keep a snack handy no matter what.

Note: My sister is my favorite person in the world. She wrote ‘I love you’ a bunch of times on a tiny piece of paper a few years ago and I’ve always kept it in my wallet.

Vitamin Case: I’m a crazy vitamin person, so my vitamin case is essential.

Stride gum: I only buy spearmint :-)

Lotion: A pet peeve of mine is dry elbows and I wash my hands so often, that they get dry as well. Gold Bond Moisturizer is my current favorite moisturizer to keep in my bag.

Cash: It is always good to have some cash in your wallet.

Blemish Control: Almay cover up to hide my blemishes! Inexpensive and comes with me everywhere.