Focus On Your Bubble


The other night when I was finishing up at work, I had a rare conversation with my boss. Somehow the topic of watching the news came up. I admitted that I hardly ever watch television, and wouldn’t know what was going on if it wasn’t for my boyfriend keeping me updated. My boss agreed and said he doesn’t watch the news either, because a majority of it is negative. He said he just focuses on his main bubble and the things he has control of. I must have looked confused, because he went on to explain to me what that meant.

In life, you should have two bubbles; one that takes up 90% of your time and energy and the other bubble that should only take up 10%. He told me to put everything I love and care about into my main bubble – like my family, health and career. And don’t bother with the things I have no control over; like the economy and gas prices – because they will go up and down whether I like it or not.  There is no need to stress over something I cannot control. If the economy is bad, I have to be responsible and put money aside for emergencies and if the gas prices go up, I have to buy it anyway in order to get to work every day. So why stress myself out and waste time thinking about things I cannot control?

His explanation was simple, but I liked it. I appreciate when someone tells me a new way to view something. No matter how much of a positive life a person tries to live, it is nice when someone gives you a different tool to keep you on that journey.

So what is in your main bubble?