America’s Got Talent


I love attending tapings of television shows. Not only do you get to see the chaos it takes to make a show, but you also get an honest view of how the hosts and ‘celebrities’ act off camera. And to be completely honest, out of all four judges, the only person I felt was not genuine was Heidi Klum. I still think she is unbelievably gorgeous, but I was disappointed by how stand-offish and self-centered she appeared to be. When the camera’s stopped, she wouldn’t interact with anyone and anytime she did, it was not positive. Mel B, Howie and Howard on the other hand, are exactly as they would appear; funny, genuine and down-to-earth. Mel B exudes confidence as I expected, and is goofy and super friendly. I admired how Howie Mandel was so supportive and nice to each contestant, especially when the cameras were not on. He went out of his way a number of times when he did not have to. And I was surprised by how normal and respectful Howard Stern was. The three of them seemed to have a genuine relationship.

My boyfriend and friends came with me to the taping, and they each felt the same as I did about each judge. It was not a long taping and our seats were not enviable at all. But if you happen to watch tonight’s 4th episode of Season 9, don’t be surprised if you see me interviewing a contestant! He was an extra eccentric man on roller skates named Juan Carlo. I ran into him while getting a water outside of the auditorium, and the cameramen just flew over to us and started taping. I’m eager to see if he makes it through the second round!