Colon Health


Colon health is probably something you don’t talk about very often. I read many books and articles on the human body and how our organs work, and the colon fascinated me. So many people suffer from some sort of IBS, and in many cases, you can ease the symptoms or get rid of them completely. I truly believe that if you have a clean digestive system, specifically your colon, you will live an energized, healthy life.

      • Drink water and stay hydrated
      • Add lemon to your water to stimulate any build up in your colon and help move it along
      • Regularity is important. Don’t be ashamed to go poo poo.
      • Promote healthy bacteria. Taking acidophilus supplements may help.
      • Eat enough fiber and greens every day
      • Exercise to keep your circulation and blood flowing
      • Allow your food to digest – don’t overeat
      • Avoid sugary drinks and overly processed foods