Biking Benefits


My new favorite workout machine is the bicycle. It’s located in the theater room at my gym, so my attention is focused more on what movie is playing, rather than how tired I am. Even though my legs feel fatigued afterwards, I just can’t get enough of this exercise. My thighs feel firmer and stronger, which encourages me to increase the resistance and distance each time.  Since I enjoy it so much, I decided to look up what the benefits were for biking.

        • The obvious one is that it is easy!
        • Increases cardiovascular health
        • Good for your heart
        • Increases lifespan
        • Builds, tones & strengthens leg muscles
        • Boosts immune system
        • Increases circulation & oxygen throughout the body
        • Improves mental health
        • Reduces stress

If you frequent the gym, I recommend using the bicycles. No matter what your size or weight, you will improve each day!