Get Back On Track

Have you been lacking energy and are stuck in a diet-dud? It happens to every woman every now and then when we go back to our old habits. Luckily, the following are surefire ways to get your energy and diet back on track!

  • Begin a morning routine by waking up at the same time. Wake up early enough so that you are not in a rush, eat breakfast and prepare yourself for the day ahead.
  • Stretch each morning and night. This increases your flexibility, helps your blood flow and is beneficial to your mentality.
  • Kick the sugar habit and stop relying on caffeine for energy. Swap your sugary drinks for water or iced tea and start taking a multi-vitamin daily.
  • Don’t eat past 8pm so that your body can digest and you won’t feel sluggish the next morning.
  • Take a daily walk whenever possible; whether it is before your day starts, at lunch break during work or after you get home.
  • Gradually introduce a workout regimen to increase your mood, stamina and metabolism. Going to the gym is not necessarily needed. There are an unlimited amount of simple exercises that anyone can perform in their own home: lunges, squats, push-ups, and sit-ups. When lifting weights, start off by lifting light weights, but with more repetitions.