Quick Prom Tips


Don’t be afraid to wear a dress that is out of your comfort zone. It’s your senior prom and your night to shine.  If you want to buy a dress that is a bold color, why not? If you want the big Cinderella dress, go for it!

Although senior prom is special, give yourself a budget. There is no need to spend a huge amount of money on a dress that you will only be wearing for one night. My own prom dress cost $60 and I loved it.

Less is more, so don’t over-accessorize if you have a flashy dress. Skip the necklace if your dress has a busy design around the neckline.

On the opposite spectrum, if your dress is simple, you can easily upgrade your look by adding some shiny bangles and earrings.

Make sure to bring a comfortable pair of shoes to change into. Flip flops are quick and simple. And believe me; your feet will thank you later!

There is a lot of hype leading up to prom, so don’t forget to smile and have fun when you are actually there. If something doesn’t turn out the way it was planned, who cares? Have fun and enjoy the night with your friends.

One last tip: don’t forget to order your date’s boutonniere. You should be able to order one as late as a few days before the prom.