Teenage Plastic Surgery


One thing I am passionate about is self-acceptance. We all need to learn to love ourselves for the way we are. I personally wish I didn’t have so many freckles and was a foot taller, but I have no control over these things. I inherited my mom’s freckle-prone skin and I am the average height, so I’ve accepted both. As for my weight and size, I am able to make healthy choices and stay active to maintain the shape I want.

I come from a very large family consisting mainly of females, and many of them have had one or multiple plastic surgeries. Most recently, one of my cousins had rhinoplasty. She had felt uncomfortable with her nose for a long time, so when she turned nineteen, her parents paid for her surgery. The outcome looked natural; she was happy with her new nose and everyone complimented her. But I personally never thought she needed anything done in the first place. To me, she was always beautiful and her nose was something that had set her apart. At only nineteen, aren’t you still coming into your own?

I don’t have anything at all against plastic surgery, especially if it will truly help someone feel better about themselves. It is a very personal choice. After all, who am I to judge if I ever decide to have something done in the future? (Never say never, right?) But how young is too young, and how much is too much? Would you change something about yourself if you had the opportunity?