Let’s Talk About Bullies


The term “mean girls” continues to deem true, and the reasons behind their bullying still amazes me. It seems that their antics continue to get more and more brutal. I had my own share of bullying in school, and although it was hurtful, I was somehow able to brush it off my shoulders. Maybe because there was not as much awareness back then or because bullying wasn’t as serious as it is today? Nowadays, it seems that kids – girls in particular, will stop at nothing to hurt someone. Why is that?

My thirteen year old sister was a victim of bullying earlier this year. She met a group of girls who were in many of her classes, and they all quickly called themselves best friends. My sister’s new friends seemed to be genuine teenagers; they called my sister often and texted her around the clock. They confided in her and would tell my sister how thankful they were to be friends. But one day this all changed and the same group of girls started acting distant. They would whisper in front of my sister, find ways to publicly embarrass her at school and on the bus and so on. My sister felt hurt and didn’t understand why they suddenly were turning against her. After all, these were her best friends. But bullying itself is a confusing behavior. Why would anyone want to make someone else feel bad?

When bullying is coming from females, my opinion has always been that it is out of jealousy. A female bully could be jealous about something so insignificant and small – something that you would not even think was possible to be envious of. Maybe you have nice hair, come from a caring family, have a positive outlook, are likable, got a good grade…my list of reasons could go on and on. My advice is to take the necessary precautions and then simply rise above it all. It is unfortunate when people who you thought were your friends show their true colors. But who would want people like that in their lives anyway? Be thankful you are not like them.

I remind my sister that what goes around comes around, and mean actions eventually catch up to people. Luckily, she is quite mature for her age and has handled the remaining of the school year very well. She knows that as long as she does not lower herself to their level, and remains true to herself, only good things will follow her.

“It is better to be yourself and have no friends than to be like your friends and have no self.”

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent” – Eleanor Roosevelt