Cindy Crawford on Financial Independence


I recently watched a sneak peak of OWN’s Master Class with Cindy Crawford. It will be airing tonight at 10 pm, where Cindy will be opening up about different aspects of her life. Among the many subjects she opens up about, one in particular hit close to home for me; how her parent’s divorce affected her. A child can learn so much from watching their parents get divorced. In most cases, it forces a child to grow up faster.

Cindy spoke about how financially dependent her mother was during and after the marriage to her father, and I can fully relate. Like Cindy, I watched my own mother struggle and I too vowed never to financially depend on a man when I was older. Thinking back, I think that was one of the most valuable lessons I learned after my parents divorced.

In the sneak peak, Cindy also explained how her independence has affected her marriage to her husband Rande Gerber. Sometimes she has to allow herself to be taken care of; for instance allowing her husband to open a door for her. I laughed when she admitted this, because I have found myself telling my boyfriend so many times that he doesn’t have to open a door for me or pull out my chair, without realizing that it makes him feel good to do those things. It is nice to hear that Cindy is so relatable and beautiful on both the inside and out.

Will you be watching with me tonight?