Garnier Dark Spot Corrector


For a while, I have been trying to find an alternative moisturizer for my face, rather than using the expensive La Mer Crème. I will forever be a fan of La Mer, but I felt somewhat selfish buying such a pricey product. There are so many other things I can do with the amount of money that one jar cost…like save it!

I read positive reviews about Garnier products, and I was hopeful their Dark Spot Corrector would lighten the sun spots on my cheeks. I irresponsibly went to the tanning salon during and after high school so often, that I have some sun damage on my face. After one week of using the Dark Spot Corrector in the morning and before bed, I noticed my skin was smoother and clearer. I don’t necessarily think it reduced any freckles or sun spots on my face, but I really fell in love with this product. It is light-weight and absorbs very well, just like my La Mer Crème did. Additionally, it contains Vitamin C which is great for the skin. I highly recommend this product!

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