Items to Simplify Your Life


1. Vitamin Case

My vitamin case was such a great investment. I got mine at The Vitamin Shoppe for just a few dollars and use it every day. It’s convenient and allows me to keep track of what I already took throughout the day. Plus, I don’t have to bring all my vitamin bottles with me if I have to stay overnight somewhere.


2. Delicates Laundry Bag

A bag for your delicates is another great, inexpensive investment. I bought mine at Bed, Bath & Beyond and love it. After all my laundry is done, my delicates are cleaned and untouched in one place.

Clear Organizer

3. Clear Organization Drawers

I love my clear drawers and store everything from my eye shadows and lip glosses to my rings and earrings in each drawer. They’re stackable and keeps my items separate, but still all in the same place.


4. Car Garbage Bag

Cars can get cluttered quickly, so I keep a plastic bag from the supermarket or convenience store in my car for any garbage.


5. Safe

Have you ever been in a rush looking for your passport or trying to remember the last time you saw your birth certificate? Walmart and Target have simple safe’s that can store all of your important documents. That way, you never have to go frantic searching for them.