I finally made the commitment to get invisalign braces! In my early twenties I began to feel self-conscious about my teeth, especially my bottom ones. So I finally decided to ask my dentist about what I could do, and he advised me to go see an orthodontist. I went to two different orthodontist offices and was given two completely different pieces of advice. The first took x-rays of my teeth, and told me that my upper jaw was crooked. He was quite blunt, and said that my only option was to wear ceramic or metal braces for two years. The second orthodontist was much more thorough; he took x-rays, physically examined my teeth, sat down and discussed everything with me. He said my jaw was not crooked and that I was a candidate for invisalign. After some consideration, I decided to go with the thorough doctor and get invisalign. Although getting braces or invisalign are equally huge commitments, I have to admit that I am relieved that the reason for my straighter teeth will be invisible! Because in the event that my boyfriend proposes to me in the next two years (wink, wink), I don’t have to worry about being a bride with braces! :-)

I am so anxious to see the end results. If you have either, please let me know how the process has been for you! Check back on my YouTube channel for updates. Here is my first invisalign video.