Burt’s Bees Intense Hydration Line

Burt’s Bees new Intense Hydration product line is made specifically for individuals with dry skin. I was fortunate enough to be a part of their campaign through BzzAgent. I received a box in the mail with 3 full-size containers, along with many samples. I have always appreciated Burt’s Bees being made with natural ingredients, but now I am also in love with the smell! Their Intense Hydration line is made with the plant clary sage, and is the best smelling skincare in my opinion. Each product also has probiotic technology, absorbs well and doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy.

Out of the 3 products I was given to try, I loved 2 of them. The Cream Cleanser lathered very well, and left my skin feeling both fresh and hydrated. I couldn’t believe how soft my skin was afterwards. I applied the Night Cream to my face and décolleté area before bed and the next morning my skin was smooth and hydrated. If you have aging skin, the night cream would definitely help make wrinkles less visible, and both products would help immensely for those with dry skin.

The only product I was not completely sold on was the Hydration Treatment Mask. Although it did smell fabulous like the rest of the products, it did not hydrate my skin as well as I thought it would have. The instructions said to apply a thin layer and wipe the remaining cream off with a tissue after 5-10 minutes. I felt as though I was wasting the product, so I would only recommend the mask for anyone with excessively dry skin or anyone who suffers from eczema.

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