Last year I visited the town of Salem, Massachusetts with my boyfriend and brother. The town is beautiful in the fall and definitely doesn’t hide from their “witch” history. The town was founded during the 1600’s and served as a vital seaport during that time. One fun fact is that Salem was named after the Hebrew word shalom and the Arabic word for peace, salaam.

Downtown there are coffee shops, Wiccan boutiques and plenty of places to keep you thinking of magic and witchcraft! We also stumbled upon Jonathon Corwin’s House, which is also known as the famous Witch House. After exploring the town by foot, we drove around until we came across a very old cemetery. I’m always fascinated by old cemeteries, especially when the dates are from centuries ago. We parked on the side of the street, where my boyfriend turned on the “ghost hunter” application on his phone. It wasn’t until his application started talking that I felt scared. The words that the “ghosts” were saying were so coincidental that it made me want to call it a night!

While I was disappointed I forgot to sign up for one of the witch tours, Salem itself is a fun area to explore. I always enjoy visiting old towns that have so much rich history behind it.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!