Know Your Worth

Books and movies have instilled the idea of true love and perfect relationships into our minds, but that is far from reality. Some women think they can change a man and that they will be ‘the one’ to ultimately mold him into the perfect partner – but you cannot change a person. Just because you have a history with this person and are comfortable with them doesn’t validate anything. You cannot prevent him from belittling, cheating, lying or abusing you. It is not fair to you or to the guy – YOU deserve better.

You deserve a man who respects and accepts you for the person that you truly are. And when you meet the right person, you just know. You won’t feel an arrow hit you from cupid or see a sign above the person’s head saying ‘pick me’; you just simply know in your heart that you have met your soul mate. This person will make you feel silly for all the times you had worried or cried over an ex. You’ll realize that you do deserve better and that you finally have it now. Don’t ever just settle for someone – hold to your standards, because you are worthy of a great relationship.