Lady Gaga’s Fame

When we think of Lady Gaga, the words fearless, theatrical, and over-the-top should immediately come to mind. She is a true individual and one that continues to keep us guessing on what she will do next. So when I saw her black, egg-shaped perfume bottle, I honestly did not know what to expect. And in true Gaga fashion, I was again pleasantly surprised by her latest venture.

Her first perfume is appropriately entitled Fame and is the very first black Eau de Parfum. It contains many feminine notes such as Jasmine, Honey and Belladonna, and is a pure delight. The scent is refreshing and one that isn’t too overpowering. Fame is definitely a perfume I intend on purchasing for myself and one that I would recommend to family and friends.

Headache Potential: none • Feminine: √ • Floral: √ • Musk: √ • Boyfriend Approved: √