Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3 fatty acids have become quite popular the past few years. You often hear about them on the Doctor Oz Show and on the news. They are considered essential fatty acids that help our body function normally. But do you believe all the hype? I have read many articles that suggest these fatty acids contain health benefits and can improve our over-all quality of life. They may prevent cardiovascular and heart disease, reduce the risk of dementia and ease the symptoms of depression – just to name a few. The human body does not naturally make Omega-3 fatty acids, so we have to get it from foods and through our diet.

                Most people take a fish oil supplement, since fish are high in Omega-3s. Fish do not naturally make Omega-3s either though; they get it through eating plankton. Since there is often a controversy over the purity of ingredients in some supplements and the ongoing risk of toxins in fish, I personally take a vegetarian form. After all, Omega-3s can be found in a variety of algae, nuts, seeds and oils. I like Schiff’s MegaRed Plant-Omega Supplement. Although I have not noticed any specific changes, I have faith that it will improve my health in the long-term.

What are your thoughts on Omega-3 fatty acids? Do you take a daily supplement?