6 Additional Destinations I Hope To Visit

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil:

Rio has always looked like a spectacular city to visit with it’s beautiful beaches, perfect weather, lots of culture and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World; the Christ Statue.


I would love to travel around this historic country and see the old castles and stone circles. One of my great-grandfathers came to America from Scotland, so just to be able to experience the overall culture would be amazing.



Seeing the incredible scenery and colorful architecture on this past season of The Bachelorette put Croatia on my list of destinations! I especially want to visit the beautiful city of Dubrovnik.


South Africa:

It would be an absolute dream come true to be able to go on a safari ride in South Africa. Every picture I have seen of South Africa is beyond breathtaking. What an experience that would be!


Machu Pichu, Peru:

As a lover of history, I have always wanted to travel to Peru and visit this famous Inca site.

Jerusalem, Israel:

My boyfriend and I made a pact that we would one day visit the Holy Land together. Being raised Catholic and him Jewish, we both look forward to that day :-)

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