The Most Common Drug: Sugar

Have you ever heard sugar being compared to the addictive drug, cocaine? When we have sugar cravings, we experience moodiness, headaches and are unable to think of much else until we satisfy our sweet tooth. The “euphoric high” our bodies experience is so addictive that it keeps us coming back for more, but is also dangerous for our health. Refined sugar and the common substitute, high fructose corn syrup, have become increasingly difficult to avoid. These ingredients can be found in almost all foods – cereals, candies, beverages and desserts. Overconsumption can lead to obesity, a decline in cardiovascular health and Type 2 Diabetes. Simply put, sugar provides nothing except empty calories that lack minerals and nutrients. Replace your sugar habits with fruits and vegetables and foods that contain real nutrients. Start drinking less carbonated, sugary drinks and start sipping on water. Your body will thank you soon enough!