Survey Share

  1. I was named after actress Lindsay Wagner
  2. My favorite subjects in school were History and Science
  3. When I was younger I wished I had blonde hair and blue eyes like my mom
  4. The smartest advice I have ever received was to always have a cushion account in the bank
  5. My absolute favorite perfume is Juicy Couture
  6. The thing that helped me overcome my shyness was becoming a cheerleader in grade school
  7. My favorite quote is everything happens for a reason
  8. My favorite snack is Hershey’s dark chocolate with almonds
  9. I cannot go a day without eating vegetables!
  10. The smartest health change I ever made was cutting out fast food and red meat from my diet
  11. I instantly feel better after I talk to my boyfriend
  12. The one movie I could watch over and over again is Sweet Home Alabama
  13. My favorite physical feature is my hair
  14. My least favorite feature are my legs
  15. The one televisions show I wish I could be a contestant on is Stars Earn Stripes, so I could honor and support our brave troops!

Feel free to fill in the blanks with your own answers below :-)