You Know You’re Responsible For Someone When…

Sometimes life throws you a curve-ball and you find yourself taking on a responsibility that you never imagined you would have to deal with. The responsibility is more than you think you can handle, but it also turns out to be the most rewarding. Currently and throughout my life, I have had to step in to care for one of my younger siblings. Boys and girls are polar opposites in my opinion, in terms of attitudes, emotions and needs. But overall, children just need guidance and reassurance that someone will always be there for them. I put together a fun list that lets you know when you are responsible for someone other than yourself:

    • You suddenly know that 1D stands for the popular boy band One Direction (and you are often tested to see if you can name all 5 band members)
    • Work no longer ends when you come home; now you stay up late for those “last minute projects” and wished you still had a copy of your math notes from middle school
    • You are often mistaken for “the parent”
    • You are their emergency contact at school and receive phone calls from the school nurse because of a “tummy-ache”
    • You realize how frustrating it must have been when you asked your parents “when are you coming home?” in 5-minute intervals
    • You have a love/hate relationship with their pure, sometimes brutal honesty – kids never hold back!
    • You start asking questions like, “Did you finish your homework?” or “Turn the computer off and read a book”.
    • You realize “mean girls” and bullies still exist and you use the same comforting words your mom once told you to feel better
    • You are asked a wide variety of questions you have to think long and hard about before carefully answering. (Kids remember EVERYTHING you say!)
    • Kids subconsciously point out your “flaws”: “Why do you put the toothpaste on before you wet your toothbrush?”
    • You find yourself questioning their unusual habits, only to realize that they are mimicking yours!
    • You discover that material things don’t matter as much as showing up to an event or after school activity does
    • You realize that taking care of a child is the hardest job in the world, but you start to appreciate life on a whole new level

Feel free to add to this list in the comments :-)