Midtown Party

My boyfriend’s family often hosts extravagant parties, one of which we attended this past weekend. The party was for his second cousin’s first birthday and was held at the Midtown Loft & Terrace in Manhattan. To sum the evening up in one word: beautiful. The terrace overlooked the Empire State Building and was decorated with chic greenery and different stations of food during cocktail hour. As the sun went down, we had a perfect view of the city’s lights. Inside, there was more food, music and entertainment. Being that Boris’ family is from Russia, I continue to be introduced to a variety of different foods. In the beginning I was hesitant, but now after almost five years I am more willing to taste something at least once. Caviar, goose liver, escargot, white truffle mushrooms, sturgeon fish…I must admit I have gotten very brave. Still, when I see a basket full of bread, I make sure to get a few pieces to fill me up! At this party I spotted a bowl of tomatoes and cucumbers and got so excited. I scooped some on a small plate, popped one in my mouth, only to remember that vegetables at Russian parties are always pickled! I have not yet acquired a taste for foods that are pickled. Coming from mostly Italian and Irish heritage, my boyfriend’s cousins tease me when I ask where the pasta and potatoes are…hey, a girl can hope :-)