6 Destinations I Hope To Visit


Crystal clear waters and white sand – when I think of what paradise might look like, I think of Fiji.

Rome, Italy:

 It would be an absolute dream of mine to explore where some of my heritage comes from. The food and wine is supposed to be out of this world and there are an unlimited amount of places to see: the Coliseum, the Pantheon, the Roman Imperial Forums…in the United States, we do not have buildings dating back that far.


St. Petersburg, Russia:

Russia is such a vast country, but I have always wanted to visit the city of St. Petersburg. The city has so much history behind it and the story of the Czar’s family is both interesting and infamous. My boyfriend was born in Russia and his family has always spoken of the beautiful buildings in St. Petersburg, specifically the cathedrals.

Paris, France:

The city of lights has always been on my list. I want to experience the Parisian atmosphere and visit all the beautiful architecture: the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame and paintings and sculptures at The Louvre.


I have always been deeply fascinated by Egyptian history-how did they build such extravagant architecture with only simple tools? To see the pyramid and sphinx first-hand, and visit the Nile and ancient temples would be like going back in time.


Australia has always seemed like the “unknown” to me. The whole continent is so far away from everything and there are so many beautiful places to see and different things to do. I want to be able to associate Australia with something other than the kangaroo. Plus, the accent is irresistible.