Suffering From Ageism?

Fifty may be the new thirty, but many women continue to struggle with getting older. It seems that after we turn twenty-one, women stop looking forward to birthdays. But, with each number comes more wisdom and different types of beauty. If you live your life as best as you can, exercise regularly, and keep a positive attitude, why not embrace what is to come in the future? Instead of concentrating on how your face may have changed or how those skinny jeans don’t quite fit as well anymore, focus on what a wonderful, fulfilled life you have lived thus far and continue to look forward. If you aren’t happy with something, take action to change it. Or, more importantly, simply accept it. Either way, one of your priorities before you leave this Earth should be to be happy in your own skin. Take note from the many fabulous women over fifty: Elle MacPherson, Michelle Pheifer, Angela Bassett, Helen Mirren, Ellen Barkin, Jane Seymour…the list goes on and on. Be proud of your age and set an example for the younger generation.

“Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been” – Mark Twain