Listen To Your Body

Anemia and iron deficiency are common in women. Surprisingly, it is the number-one nutritional deficiency in America. My mom is anemic, and so I grew up being aware of iron-rich foods. I have always enjoyed nuts, spinach and other leafy greens. Every person’s body is different though, and no matter how active and healthy we try to be, there are just some things we cannot control. Last year, I was experiencing multiple symptoms and decided to go see my primary doctor. I was getting dizzy spells and felt weak – my intuition was telling me something wasn’t right. After my blood test came back, it showed that I was iron-deficient and also had low sodium levels. My doctor recommended taking a multi-vitamin with iron and to incorporate more salt into my diet. I never thought I would be told to eat more salt, but I immediately felt better after taking my doctor’s advice. Whether it be your body, a feeling or a relationship, a woman’s intuition is usually right. Pay attention. It is better to be safe than sorry.