Smokey Eyes

Seductive, mysterious and sexy are all descriptions of what a “smokey eye” represents. This look continues to be popular among celebrities and has become a staple for almost any occasion. But depending on your skin tone, the shape of your eye or how intense you want your eye shadow to be, getting your eyes to look smokey and not like a raccoon can be difficult. That is why I found Sephora’s Smokey Eye Palettes to be such a fabulous product. They come in a variety of colors, including my personal favorites; black and brown. All the shadows that you need are included, along with an eye liner and a step-by-step guide on where to apply each shade. Other products that I would recommend to buy is an eye shadow brush and an eye lid primer to prevent the eye shadows from creasing. I suggest buying Urban Decays Eye Lid Primer Potion. Remember that the most important technique in creating a smokey eye is blending!