Live with Kelly

On Monday morning, my boyfriend and I were fortunate enough to be in the audience of Live with Kelly. It was a fun experience and one that I can now cross off of my “bucket list”. There was a lot of waiting and standing around in the beginning. The set, props and everyone who works on the show are so much smaller in person – I suppose the camera does add 10 pounds? Seeing how a one hour show is filmed is interesting; I think I may have paid more attention to what was going on behind the scenes than the actual show! Jimmy Kimmel was the co-host that day and acted more shy and reserved when the cameras stopped rolling. Kelly Ripa was just how I imagined her to be; smiley, friendly and down-to-earth. Between commercials, she took the microphone to tell stories and involve the audience. If you are ever in the NYC area, request tickets for a show no less than 2 months in advance.

Happy Wednesday!