What is one of the hardest habits for a pale, East Coast girl to break? Tanning at the tanning salon, of course. It is an expensive habit to begin with, and one that carries many health dangers – after all, vanity is one of the seven deadly sins. With the rise of melanoma (one in five Americans will develop skin cancer at some point during their lives), injury to the eyes, and premature aging, it is obvious that the risks outweigh the short-term benefits. Therefore, I have decided to stop tanning at the tanning salon. Most people would agree that they feel more confident and look healthier when their skin is bronzed. So, I have found some alternatives to tanning at the salon, and thus far, my favorite remains Jergins Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer. Since I am naturally fairly white, I use the lotion for fair to medium skin tones. While I am not a fan of the scent, I do like how the color is gradual and that it gives my skin a sun-kissed glow without looking orange. I also make sure to apply SPF on my face, neck and hands. I am still working up the nerve to get a spray tan, and when I do I will be sure to document the experience and post some before and after pictures! Join me and end your Tanorexia!

Stay healthy and beautiful!

Much love, Lindsay