Longer Lashes

One feature that I wish I was blessed with are long eyelashes. Luckily, there are many different products out there to aid in eye lash growth. I have tried many, but only found two that have actually worked.

Talika is the product I recommend and use on a daily basis. You apply it the same way you would mascara, twice a day to your top and bottom lashes. I have also found that it’s great for shaping and keeping your eyebrows in place.

  • Pros: easy application, strengthens and lengthens brittle lashes, inexpensive and can be purchased online at Talika.com
  • Cons: none so far

Latisse was a product that I could not wait to try. It definitely made my eye lashes longer and fuller, but it also irritated my top eyelids and caused them to itch and form tiny bumps.

  • Pros: fills in empty lash line and lashes are noticeably longer
  • Cons: expensive, a prescription is needed from your doctor, can only apply to your top lashes, lashes grow out of order and sporadically and eyelids may experience a reaction