Portion Control

Whether you are looking to lose or maintain weight or you just want to be healthier, it is all about portion control. I have an application on my IPhone that I use, it is called Tap and Track and it allows me to add what I eat throughout the day so I can see how many calories I am putting in my mouth. I am able to input the caloric information myself or if I am eating at a restaurant, the app allows me to look up the meal and provides me with all the information right there. It is amazing how many calories are in food! On some mornings I used to go to Dunkin Donuts and get a bagel and muffin. I was amazed to find out that those two items together were over 800 calories! I have become so much more aware of how much I am eating and have learned to read the nutritional labels on everything. Since it depends on your height and weight, I recommend searching on Google to find out how much fiber, sodium, carbohydrates, protein, fat and sugar you should be getting every day. Then, keep a record for one week so you can see where you need to make adjustments in your diet.

“Life is an ever shifting kaleidoscope: A slight change and all patterns alter” –Sharon Salzberg